Purpose and Goals


A dog named Charlie inspired this website. He was totally NOT an indoor dog but had to be one for his sake. He was a mess. But he also forced me to understand the depth of animal consciousness, spirit and emotional need. And he inspired me to use my life long experience to not only write about this need but to also find a way to support animal rescues in general. And not just well developed animal rescues. But to also be an advocate for animal rescues struggling to develop.

I provide FREE listings for domesticated animal rescues (SPCA, No-Kill shelters, Humane Societies, Open Admission shelters, etc.). I try to bring attention to a variety of animal and organizational issues and hope to broaden my scope as time goes on. I encourage people involved with animal rescues and other knowledgeable people to contribute Guest Articles and videos for which you and/or your organization will get credit.

Charlie motivated the effort so I’ve started with a lot about dogs. But I also want to include cats and horses, etc. I want to share care and feeding information, basic training tips, things to understand about helping an animal adjust to a new home, going about starting a rescue, networking, converting a kill shelter to a No-Kill shelter, and any other subject that may help people work with animals and/or a rescue organization.

Use of the word “Donate”

Any reference to the word “Donation” I use on this website means that I want you to use my listings to locate a rescue or shelter in your area and donate to them directly.

I’m not rich but I pay to keep this site going. So if you do contribute articles, time or videos toward this cause it does not benefit me financially.

I do, however, reserve the right to temporarily announce a public donation drive to raise a small amount to keep this site going if I have to.

Regarding Articles

I will occasionally do an article highlighting the efforts of a particular rescue organization. That organization is usually chosen just because 1]: I have some knowledge of or contact with that organization and 2]: there’s an aspect in the story that represents what rescues are doing in general. In no way, however, is it meant to indicate favoritism. There are just simply too many organizations to cover them all.

If you’d like me to do an article about your organization or community effort it usually just takes an email and your willingness to have a conversation. I only had one person contact me with an article I did not post. The only reason I did not post it was because I received no response when I tried to contact them and ask some questions.

All articles, unless otherwise noted, are written by Steven N. Veigel of Virginia Beach, Virginia (No not from Texas or Australia or other). All photos and videos, unless otherwise noted, are the work of Steven N. Veigel and Svetlana Veigel. The unicycle picture was taken by Alicia Jacquin and posted here by permission. References to “us” or “we” implies all participants and contributors as a collective effort.

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